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December 2016
Below is the American Friends of Magen David Adom's video, "Naor". It describes a terrorist attack, so it may be difficult to watch. Maayan did the voiceover for Naor's mother, "Ruti", which required a light Israeli accent:

Naor's Story from AFMDA on Vimeo.

October 2016
Maayan took part in a staged reading of a new play, "Katie", by Miguel Toruno. (And discovered that there is another wonderful Israeli actress in New York named MAYA SCHNAIDER, who played Katie!)

September 2016
Maayan voiced the role of "Ruti" in a new project for the American Friends of Magen David Adom. Watch this space for more details

July 2016
Maayan will star in the short "10 Years Married" with John Henry Soto this fall - more details to follow!

May 2016
Maayan played an inspirational speaker in a voiceover role for Galia Barkol's new feature, "Then What Happens".

December 2015
And THE KIDS MENU is WRAPPED!!! Thank you to all of our cast, crew, and wonderful supporters!! Maayan played the role of Maria, a customer of Pete's (played by Vincent Pastore). Here she is on set:

November 2015
We are almost there!!! THE KIDS MENU, starring Nyle Lynn and Vincent Pastore is shooting next month. In addition to acting in the film, Maayan serves as one of its Executive Producers.

August 2015
Maayan is playing Claire with the Pageant Hair in a reading of Angela Church's "Portrait in Azalea Blue".

April 2015
Maayan is co-producing Peter Skagen's Master Class in Screen Acting at The Actors Connection and his "Transitioning from Theater to Film" seminar at NYC's Reproductions.

February 2015
Maayan plays Julia, an interviewer speaking to the talented Galia Barkol and Jeremiah Kipp about their upcoming film, "Then What Happens", in a promotional piece for the film:

January 2015
Happy New Year!
Click here for the 8-minute pilot for John Henry Soto's new Web Series,"Write in Bayonne"! Maayan plays Joe's concerned wife.

Maayan was excited to be John's first guest of 2015 on his and Casey McDougal's show "Something's Brewing"! They talked about the importance to an acting career of being a self-starter, learning to crowdfund for your own project, and (of course) playing a zombie.

December 2014
The pilot for "Write in Bayonne", shot right after Hurricane Sandy, is almost here! Stay tuned for getting a chance to see Maayan play a bossy, frumpy housewife....

November 2014
THE KIDS MENU has now raised its full Pre-Production funds! ÅMore updates coming soon....

Maayan had a great time working behind the camera this time as Crew for the new Web Series These Three Girls!

October 2014
Maayan was invited to be one of the Israeli artists Honoring AICF's 75th Anniversary; for her entry and those of her fellow Israeli artists, please click here.

Maayan played a young-Barbara-Walters type interviewer for a new film's promotional trailer...more to follow when details are released!

Maayan also wrote about THE KIDS MENU's producers for Ms. in the Biz; click here for the article.

September 2014
Maayan is honored to be the America-Israel Cultural Fund's Artist of the Week! Check out her interview here.

As a member of New York Women in Film & Television, Maayan wrote an article about the women producers of THE KIDS MENU for NYWIFT's blog: check out Drive Your Own Career!

August 2014
Maayan is excited to announce she is the Associate Producer on a new comedic short film, THE KIDS MENU! Maayan and the team are raising the funds to make the movie independently - please CLICK HERE to make a contribution!! Thank you for supporting independent film!!

June-July 2014
Exciting news about a new project coming soon.... Stay tuned!

April 2014
Maayan will be performing on Shakespeare's Birthday Sonnet Slam on April 25th in Central Park!

March 2014
Maayan is working on a new project with fellow talent from Emerging Talent Agency... more details to follow!

February 2014
Maayan is excited to be freelancing with agent Albert Bramante of Emerging Talent Agency!

Free and Cheap NYC is back! After a brief hiatus, Maayan and fellow actress/lover of good deals Angela Church are back, recommending Free & Cheap things to do in and around New York City. Check it out!

January 2014
The new Maayan Schneider Quarterly Newsletter will be coming your way in April! To join our mailing list, please write us through the Contact Sheet.

October 2013
Maayan played the role of Rachel, a young Israeli wife during the Yom Kippur War, in a reading of Meri Wallace's "Yom Kippur", performed on the 40th anniversary of the war and directed by Catherine Siracusa. Here is a photo of her (by Cristina Martinez) on stage with Georgina Bates, who played Yael:

Maayan also shot a short film, "12:30" for The School of Visual Arts, about a woman who rushes against the clock to get to her destination...

September 2013
Maayan played 6 different roles in Abingdon Theatre's staged reading of James Armstrong's children's play adaptation of ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

Maayan as TweedleDee

Maayan as the worried White Rabbit

August 2013
You can always check out the most updated weekly "Free and Cheap NYC" recommendations on WBAI here

Back in June, Maayan shot a short, fun, silent Mafia film at Maine Media Workshops. The filmmaker was Mario Gonsalves, and the class was taught by the amazing DP Roberto Schaefer (Quantum of Solace, Monster's Ball, Finding Neverland). Check it out here: Mafia Short.

July 2013
Check out our newest "Free and Cheap NYC" recommendations segment right here: Free and Cheap NYC on WBAI.

New Blog - Why we LOVE NY ACTORS MARKETING GROUP, or: Stop Procrastinating Now!

June 2013
Maayan and Angela Church, who worked together on Hanoch Levin's "The Child Dreams", will be hosting a short weekly segment called "Free and Cheap NYC" on WBAI Radio, starting in July! Stay tuned...

A new Blog is up - "Why We Love Self-Produced Projects"! Check it out here.

May 2013
Maayan is now working with Creative Media Design as a Hebrew Voiceover Artist - please check out her voiceover clip here.

April 2013
Check out Maayan's New Blog, "Maayan's New York Minute" !!

Maayan is performing Shakespeare's Sonnet #99 as part of The 3rd Annual Shakespeare's Birthday Sonnet Slam in Central Park!

Maayan played the part of "Annie" and narrated a reading of Angela Church's new play, "Portrait of Posie", at the exclusive Players Club in New York.

March 2013
Maayan's Music Minute 2: The Grownup Noise is here! Check it out, share and comment:

February 2013
Maayan recorded a Voice-Over for "Between Here & There", a new short film produced by Stiv Brown and Brenden Gallagher; she plays a concerned Arab mother.

January 2013
Maayan shot a trailer for John Henry Soto's pilot, "Write in Bayonne"! She plays a smart but nagging wife...

December 2012
The next Maayan's Music Minute: The Grownup Noise Trailer #2 is here!

Maayan was chosen to participate in two workshops held in New York by London's Old Vic Theatre (Artistic Director: Kevin Spacey), as part of the "Old Vic New Voices" Best of British Program: CLASSICS, taught by The Old Vic's Alex Ferris, and ACCENT AND DIALECT, taught by Ben Furey (who was the Dialect Coach for the North American productions of Billy Elliot).

November 2012
Maayan's Music Minute: The Grownup Noise is coming soon!! In the meantime, check out this new teaser from the band.

Between the storms, Maayan shot a pilot for an English-as-a-Second-Language set of instructional videos for a Korean company. The pilot co-stars Tim Dowd and was directed by Daniel Song of Open Space.

October 2012
The Next Episode of "Maayan’s Music Minute", featuring Boston band The Grownup Noise, is in the can!! Teasers to follow.....

September 2012
New Blog coming soon!

August 2012
Editing interview footage for the next Maayan’s Music Minute! Stay tuned….

July 2012
Shooting an interview with The Grownup Noise, the next band to be featured on Maayan’s Music Minute…

June 2012
New Acting Reel is up!

May 2012
Commercial is up – stay tuned for a glimpse….

April 2012
Shooting a commercial for director Ray Lombardi of Lorray Design Studio!

March 2012
Maayan's Music Minute, Episode 1: Arron Dean is ready!! Check it out!!!

February 2012
Check out the newly posted Kittay House print job!

December 2011
Maayan is participating in the Abingdon Theatre ’s Quinnipiac Reading Series for young playwrights.

New Print Job soon to be added to site….

November 2011
Playing Anais Nin in a reading of a new play by Barbara Kahn, Unreachable Eden, at Theatre for the New City.

October 2011
Maayan stars in Barbara Kahn’s The Mole at the Fresh Fruit Festival!

Shooting a scene for a new Web Series, Crisis PR.

August 2011
The first episode of Maayan’s Music Minute is in the can! Updates to follow….

July 2011
Maayan has been invited by director Joan Kane to play the role of Riva in a private reading of Lidless, by Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig.

June 2011
Stay tuned for Maayan's Music Minute, soon to be all over YouTube....

May 2011
Shooting a scene for director Chris Capelluto.
Got to see In Memoriam as part of a wonderful art installation! Soon some photos...

March 2011
Shooting Alexandra Joe's project, now renamed In Memoriam, in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

January 2011
Happy New Year!
Maayan just got cast in Alexandra Joe's new project, "Installation". Stay tuned for more details...

Venus and Mona got a great review - CLICK HERE to read it!

August 2010
Maayan starred as Venus in Leslie Bramm's VENUS AND MONA at the New York Fringe Festival.

June 2010
Maayan performed in Jennie Franks' "Warrior Baby", directed by Bara Swain, as part of the Abingdon Theatre's The Throne Comedies.

Maayan performed as Helena in Grenier Education Theater Group's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Click here for photo!

Maayan will play Helena in Grenier Education Theater Group's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. More details to follow....

April 2010
Maayan will perform in Doris Hart's "Subversive Tea Party", as part of Abingdon Theatre's Proposal Plays. For more information, click here.

Maayan will play a hugely overacted version of THE CRUCIBLE's Elizabeth Proctor in Big Rodent's Fundraiser,"Mock the Classics 2", at The Wings Theater, 154 Christopher Street in Greenwich Village - come throw marshmallows and nerf balls at us!

Maayan plays Venus in a reading of Leslie Bramm's new play, VENUS AND MONA.

March 2010
Maayan performed at the Abingdon's Theatre's "Women in Need" Reading, "Communicating Sober" Click here for photo.

Maayan will perform as part of Abingdon Theatre's The Proposal Plays readings...
Watch This Space for more details!

February 2010
Maayan is now freelancing with commercial agent Peter Coe of Peter Coe Talent .

Maayan is House Managing the Abingdon Theater’s Car Plays

November 2009
Maayan is being flown to Israel by the World Confederation of Jewish Community Councils, to host their Opening Night and Closing Gala;
Click here for photo!

October 2009
Come check out Maayan at Ensemble Studio Theatre’s reading of Laura Maria Censabella’s Interviewing Miss Davis, Directed by Kel Haney:

August 2009
Closing night of Measure for Measure!

July 2009
Maayan is currently in rehearsals for Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, performing in New York’s Theatre Three from July 30 – August 8, 2009.
Check it out at